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Commemorate the Peirce School demolition with beautiful TOTE BAGS and NOTE CARDS!

(Scroll down for demolition photos!)

1) GREAT Peirce commemorative TOTE BAGS for Sale! Huge: "23-1/4" x "15-1/2" x 5-1/2 Lined (great as a beach/pool bag, keeps stuff dry!); heavy, good for carrying almost anything, roomy Outside pocket Beautiful sketch of the Peirce Front Door by Peirce parent, David Formanek. White canvas w/red $15.00 each. (Great buy!)

2) Very attractive Peirce commemorative Note Cards for Sale! "4-1/4" x "5-1/2" Same beautiful sketch of the Peirce Front Door by David Formanek Black on Ecru Package of 10 $5.00 a package.

Order now via e-mail at or phone: 781-646-0237. Items can be made available for pickup. Checks should be made out to Peirce School PTO.
Name ___________________________
Address: _________________________
Phone: __________________________
E-mail: ___________________________
______ Totes x $15.00 ea. = _________
______ Notes x $5.00 ea. = _________
Total due = _________
Thank you for supporting Peirce School!
Linda Yee, Peirce PTO

You can order this beautiful commemorative bag ($15) from Linda Yee, Peirce PTO.
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There are more demolition photos on the Town of Arlington municipal website